How to Light the Gas Pilot Light on a Maytag Gas Dryer

There are two basic methods of lighting the gas to heat a dryer. The new Maytag models have electronic ignitions that light the flame for the gas. Older styles of Maytag dryers have pilot lights that burn 24/7 and light the main flame when the dryer is turned on. From time to time, the pilot light will go out, and the user will need to manually relight the pilot light. This is typically done by using the manual ignition switch.

Light the pilot to keep your Maytag gas dryer working right.

Step 1

Make sure the home's gas supply valve is turned on. Check your Maytag owner's manual to find the location of the dryer's gas shut-off valve. This is usually behind the dryer's front panel or in the back of the unit. Open the valve to allow gas to flow into the dryer.

Step 2

Open the lower front panel of the dryer to access the pilot light assembly. Press and hold the starter button as you light the pilot with a handheld lighter. If you have trouble getting it to light, release the starter button and wait a few minutes before trying it again. Once the pilot is lit, hold the starter button down for another minute to make sure it will stay burning.

Step 3

Close the dryer's front panel and run a test cycle to see if it is producing heat. Call a repairman to evaluate the problem if lighting the pilot did not restore the heat.