When using a Whirlpool Duet washer, you may come across an "F#" error code. The "F33" error is simple to fix; it is caused by a connection error on the washer.



Look for the "F33" to flash across the LCD screen as the washer beeps multiple times. For washers without an LCD, look for the "Add a Garment" light to flash on and off.


The "F33" error code means that the washer has encountered a system error with the pump drive. The parts should be working fine; it is just the connection that caused the problem.


Stop the current washing cycle, drain the remaining water and remove any clothes left in the washer. Unplug the Duet and pull out your manual to locate the Central Control Unit. Check the wire connections from the control unit to the washer's pump. Restart a load of laundry and make sure the error message disappears.


If you cannot locate the pump or Central Control Unit, contact your washer dealer or service technician for further help. Do not play with or touch any plugs that could permanently damage or make the washer inoperable.