How to Replace a Washer Pedestal

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If you want to replace or add a pedestal to your washer, it will give added height to your washer and make it easier to load your clothes for washing. Pedestals usually accompany front-loading washers and allow you to load your laundry in without bending too much. Pedestals are typically 12 to 16 inches tall. As an added feature, many pedestals include a storage drawer, which is great for holding laundry detergent and other laundry supplies. But pedestals are sold separately from washers and dryers, so even if you didn't buy one at the time you bought your washer, you can still purchase one and add it to your laundry area. Installing your new pedestal is an easy do-it-yourself project. Make sure you get a pedestal that matches your washer and never try to put a pedestal beneath a stacked washer and dryer.

How to Replace a Washer Pedestal
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To Get Started

This project is best done with at least two people. You'll need to move the washer. First, make sure your water supply valves are turned off. Drain the hoses so no water spills out. Unplug the power to the washer. Spread towels or blankets beneath the washer. Tilt the washer onto its left side to make sure no fluid is spilled, being careful not to let it fall. If you are replacing your pedestal because it is not level or you want one with a drawer, you'll have to remove the pedestal clamps with a wrench.

Get the Pedestal Ready

Use a level to make sure the new pedestal will be perfectly level in the spot where you're planning to put it or else your washer will be off. Check it on all four sides. Adjust the pedestal legs with a wrench if need be. Check to see that the pedestal is level on each side when the legs are installed. Extend the legs no more than is necessary. The more the legs are extended, the more your washer may vibrate. Lock the pedestal legs with a screwdriver when they are perfectly level. The top of the pedestal has clamps, which you'll want to align with the washer. If your pedestal has a drawer, check to see if you need to remove it before connecting it to the washer.

Connect With the Washer

You can either attach the pedestal to the washer or lift the washer onto the pedestal directly. Make sure the lock nuts align with the clamps on the pedestal. This will anchor the washer to the pedestal. You'll want to move the washer and pedestal into place, and you want to make sure the washer with its newly anchored pedestal is level. Slide your drawer into place, if necessary, and make sure it works properly.

Before you put your tools and level away, you may want to run a test load of wash to make sure the washer is level and you won't need to make any adjustments.


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