Whirlpool top-loading washers are among the easiest-to-repair machines on the market. You can diagnose and solve most of the many potential problems by following one initial procedure. The most common error in repairing a Whirlpool washer involves how to get to the components. Follow a few simple steps, and you can remove the entire cabinet from the machine. This will make a successful fix much easier.


Removing your cabinet

Step 1

Look at the control panel on your washer to locate the position of the console screws. You will see two Philips screws in one of three potential positions: the front, bottom corners of the console; the rear, bottom corners of the console; or hidden beneath small, plastic panels on either side of the console.

Step 2

Remove the screws if they are in the front or rear bottom position using a Philips screwdriver.

If the screws are hidden, you must first remove the side panels by grabbing and gently pulling on them. Remove the two screws once the side panels are off.

Step 3

Pull the console forward and rotate it backward to a resting position. You will see a bronze-colored clip on each side of the machine. Use a flat screwdriver to grab the front end of each clip and pry upward to pop the clip out of the washer cabinet. Slide the clips out of the rear wall of the washer once they are free of the cabinet.

Step 4

A small three-wire wiring harness is located in the middle of the cabinet. Release the catch on the wiring harness with your fingers and pull the top of it up and free of the recessed plug. Don't worry about position on the wiring harness; it is keyed so that it cannot be put back incorrectly.

Step 5

Grab the cabinet firmly from either side and tilt it forward. Pull the tilted cabinet out and away from the rest of the washing machine. Place the cabinet to the side once it is free of the tub.

All components of the washer are now visible and ready for diagnosis and repair.