How to Troubleshoot an Inglis Dryer

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Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers if the dryer won’t run.

Canadian appliance manufacturer Inglis is part of the Whirlpool Corporation. Problems with the dryers can be related to the dryer operation—where the dryer won't run, or there's no heat being generated, for example—and to the dryer's results—where the garments are still wet, or there's a load of lint on the garments, for example. Troubleshooting an Inglis dryer can help you avoid the cost of a service call.

Step 1

Firmly close the dryer door if the dryer won't run. Press the "Start/Pause" button firmly.

Step 2

Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers if the dryer won't run. The dryer may run even if there's no heat because the heat may be generated by gas and the cycle run by electricity. You'll be able to tell there's no heat because the clothes will still be wet and the dryer will be cool after a cycle. Make sure gas is supplied. Check the bill has been paid and, if you are using propane gas (you have a gas tank outside), that the tank is full. Call your supplier.

Step 3

Empty the lint tray if lint gets out of control. Check the vent pipe is connected properly—it's at the back; look for kinks in the flexible hose and look for blockages, like those missing socks in the flexible hose. Look at the exhaust vent on the exterior wall and try to identify blockages like snow. The flexible hose leads to this exhaust vent.

Step 4

Remove any coins, buttons or paper clips if you hear rattling coming from the drum.


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