How to Remove an Agitator on an Admiral Washing Machine

Repairing the transmission or drive belt on your Admiral washing machine requires removing the agitator. The best way to remove the agitator is to rent or purchase agitator hooks from an appliance repair facilty. The hooks fit between the bottom of the agitator and the wash tub, and provide the necessary leverage to begin pulling the agitator off the splined shaft.

Socket wrench set
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Step 1

Unplug the Maytag Admiral washing machine power cord from the wall outlet. Open the washer lid to access the agitator.

Step 2

Pull the dispenser off the top of the agitator tower. Some dispensers thread onto the top of the tower. Turn the dispenser counterclockwise with your hand to remove it from the agitator.

Step 3

Look for the bolt in the center of the agitator tower. Remove the bolt with a socket wrench.

Step 4

Position the two agitator hooks opposite each other under the agitator near the agitator vanes. The vanes are the fins of the agitator. The hooks have T handles on one end and small angle hook on the other end. The handles should be pointing toward you.

Step 5

Grasp the handle of each agitator hook with your hands. Press out on the hooks and push down. Release the hooks, reposition them and press out again. Continue this “rocking” of the agitator until the agitator begins to move up off the shaft.

Step 6

Remove the hooks and grab the agitator from the bottom with your hands. Pull up on the agitator until it comes completely off the shaft. You may need to use a back-and-forth rocking motion when pulling the agitator. Pull the agitator out of the washer.