How to Remove the Agitator on a Hotpoint Washing Machine

Hotpoint is a British manufacturer of washing machines and other appliances. The agitator is the part of the washing machine that spins in the tub, helping to turn the clothes and increase the efficiency of the wash. Occasionally, you might run into trouble where a piece of laundry becomes stuck beneath the agitator. In that case, you'll need to remove the agitator on your Hotpoint washing machine.

Use caution when removing an agitator

Step 1

Unplug your Hotpoint washing machine from the electrical outlet. Lift the hood open to expose the tub and agitator.

Step 2

Pry the cap off the top of the agitator. Look closely at the top of the agitator and should see the line where the agitator ends and the cap begins. Gently press the screwdriver along the capline. You should be able to wedge the screwdriver in enough to pry the cap off the top of the agitator.

Step 3

Remove the agitator bold holding it to the agitator column. Depending on the model, this could be held in place with a hex or an Allen bolt. Use the appropriate tool (wrench or Allan wrench) to remove. Set the screw aside.

Step 4

Place your hands underneath the agitator and pull upward. This may take several attempts, as the agitators are sometimes stuck on very firmly. Keep your head away from the agitator when pulling upward.