How to Change the Fuses in the Kenmore 90 Series Dryer

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Things You'll Need

  • New thermal fuse

  • Phillips screwdriver

A Phillips screwdriver is used to replace the fuse.

Kenmore 90 series dryers come in a few different models that each have a unique set of features. Each one has a thermal fuse that will need to be replaced if it is ever blown. A blown thermal fuse will prevent the dryer from heating. Replacing the fuse can correct a heating problem if a blown fuse is the source of the problem. Some heating problems are due to a faulty thermostat rather than a blown fuse.


Step 1

Unplug the dryer's power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Loosen the screw on the vent clamp. Remove the vent clamp. Pull the vent tube out of the back of the 90 series dryer.

Step 3

Unscrew and remove the screws along the edge of the back panel of the dryer.

Step 4

Lift the back panel off of the unit to expose the fuse within the Kenmore dryer.


Step 5

Unhook the two wires that connect to the thermal fuse. The fuse is located near the dryer vent port.

Step 6

Remove the old fuse. Place the new fuse where the old fuse was placed.

Step 7

Attach the two wires that were connected to the previous fuse.

Step 8

Replace the back panel. Replace the screws that hold the panel in place.

Step 9

Replace the vent and plug the power cord back in.


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