How to Diagnose Washing Machine Sounds

Washing machines are always a bit noisy when running. The quickly spinning tub inside the machine spins clothes at an incredible speed at certain times during the wash cycle. Although the spin cycle always creates a little noise, loud knocking or whining noises may indicate there's a problem with the washing machine installation or with the machine components. Most loud noises are caused by misuse of the machine and can be solved with the proper troubleshooting techniques.

A noisy washing machine may be overloaded.

Step 1

Turn on the machine and see if it shakes back and forth during any part of the washing cycle. Rocking of the machine may make noise.

Step 2

Open the lid of the machine and redistribute the load of clothes inside the unit. This will prevent too much weight from shifting to one side and causing the machine to shake.

Step 3

Place a level on the front of the machine. Turn the feet at the front on the left- and right-hand side with a wrench to balance the machine. Do the same going from front to back. This will prevent the machine from shaking on one foot and causing noise.

Step 4

Unplug the washing machine. Remove the screws holding the washing cabinet to the machine. Look for the balancing springs around the washer tub and see if any of the springs have come loose. Reattach the spring. A loose tub will cause rattling inside the machine.

Step 5

Locate the pump of the machine and inspect the hoses for blockage. Water blockage will cause sucking sounds and cause the unit to shake.