Front loading washing machines are highly capable of doing heavy laundry, thus they are used not only by homeowners but also by commercial establishments that offer laundry services. GE front load washers are among the most trusted brands when it comes to washing machines of this kind, and because of their popularity they also become prone to certain issues and problems.

GE manufactures a variety of front load washers.


Among the most prominent problems GE front load washers face include the premature wearing off of the rubber seal at the inner seal drum, which in turn causes annoying and distracting noises during cycling. There are also times when the washer would not start to cycle for no apparent reason; meanwhile, there are instances when the washer begins to lock, spin for two seconds but not continue to make a cycle. The washer eventually dies out without draining the water inside.

Worn Rubber Seal

A worn rubber seal is due to the washer getting overworked with heavy loads of laundry. The seal protects the sharp blades from tearing the other parts of the washer as well as the clothes, and once worn off they can cause serious problems with the motor and the laundry. A broken rubber seal can be fixed by replacing the seal. Rubber seals and other gaskets are available in repair shops and GE parts centers.

Not Cycling

When the washer would not cycle, it is best to check if it has everything it needs in order to start working. These include the load of clothes it can handle, the amount of detergent to be used on the laundry, as well as the amount of water inside. Insufficient amounts of water will cause not only the cycle to be halted, but could portend more serious damage to the washer in the long run.

Incomplete Cycles

If a GE front load washer is able to start a cycle but not finish it, it means there is something that stops the cycle from being completed. Examine the washer and search for the lint trap. If various residues such as lint, buttons, pins, coins and other items are found in the lint trap, they should be removed immediately to free the motor from the tangles that keep it from making cycles. Once the washer is cleaned, normal cycles can be done and regular laundry activities can resume.


Fixing problems with a GE front load washer are important as these simple issues can bring forth major damage when left unattended.