How to Relight the Pilot Light on a GE Gas Dryer

If you have an older GE gas dryer, you will probably have to relight the pilot light at some point. Most modern gas dryers have an electronic ignitor instead of a pilot light, which remains lit even when the dryer is not in use. It is not difficult to relight the pilot on a GE gas dryer.

Learn how to relight the pilot on your GE gas dryer.

Step 1

Verify that the home's main gas valve is switched on. Turn on the gas supply valve for the dryer. The valve is located in the back of the dryer or behind the front panel, depending on the design of your GE gas dryer.

Step 2

Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the gap between the dryer's front panel and the rest of the unit. Feel around until you find the retention clips that hold the panel in place. Use the head of the screwdriver to release the clips and remove the panel.

Step 3

Locate the starter button near the pilot light. Hold the button down and light the pilot with a long lighter. If it does not light immediately, let up on the starter button and wait two to three minutes to let the gas clear out. Repeat this step until you have successfully lit your dryer's pilot light. Keep the starter button held down for 30 to 60 seconds to make sure the pilot does not go out. Push the dryer's front panel back into the retention clips.