How to Turn Your Dryer and Washer Into Coin-Operated

Owning coin-operated machines is a great way for landlords to make extra money by offering the convenience of an on-site laundry facility. However, converting noncommercial washers and dryers into coin-operated machines presents a few challenges for the owner. It might prove cheaper to purchase used commercial machines compared with the cost of conversion kits and the installation supplies required, not to mention time and labor. Here are basic instructions on how to convert a washer and dryer into coin-operated machines.

Get the timing right and earn extra money!

Step 1

Determine the most compatible conversion kit for your washer or dryer brand. Refer to the machine's owner's manual and compare with the instruction manual that comes with each conversion kit.

Step 2

Disconnect the machine electrical outlet. You can either unplug the machine and/or shut off the power to that area of the home. This will provide protection from electrical shock related injuries and/or death.

Step 3

Remove access panel and locate the machine's built-in timer. If you're unsure of where the access panel is or how to open it, refer to the machine's owner's manual.

Step 4

Reprogram the machine's wiring to use the conversion kit's timer as its primary timer. Refer to the conversion kit's instruction manual.

Step 5

Wrap all exposed electrical wires with electrical tape to ensure a safe and secure connection. This will provide insulation for the connection, as electrical tape is pressure-sensitive.

Step 6

Return the access panel to its proper position on your machine.

Step 7

Restore power to the machine. Either plug in the machine or turn power back on to that area of your home.

Step 8

Repeat these steps for the other machine.

Step 9

Test the machines for proper functionality to ensure successful installation. Once you are satisfied that both machines are performing as they should, you can alert your customers of your new service offering.