How to Troubleshoot a Front Load Whirlpool Washing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Front load Whirlpool washer

  • Ohmmeter


For additional troubleshooting techniques, reference your owner's manual.


Always keep tools out of the reach of children.

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Troubleshooting your front load Whirlpool washing machine does not require years of mechanical know-how or a repairman. You can perform the troubleshooting yourself. You will need a bit of patience and an ohmmeter to test for currency in some areas, such as the switches to your machine. When your machine begins to act up, don't get discouraged, just follow the simple troubleshooting guide.

Step 1

Check that the water valves are turned on to their maximum capacity if the water is filling the washer too slowly. You may also check the water pressure at the tap to make sure it is not weak. Check the filter screens on the water supply that they are not obstructed with dirt and debris. Test the water inlet valve to ensure that it is not defective.

Step 2

Test the timer control if the water is overflowing the wash tub. If that is not the problem, test the water level switch. Next, inspect the air tube to see if it is worn or damaged. Test the water inlet valve.

Step 3

Check that the water supply hoses are not reversed if hot water fills the washer when it should be cold water and vice versa. Also, check that the cold or hot water supply valve is not turned off. Check the water supply hoses for kinks. Check the water inlet valve.

Step 4

Check the water supply connections if water is leaking on the floor. Check that the drain hose does not have cracks or tears. Check the water pump. Check the outer tub of your washer for cracks or corrosion. Check the tub seal that it is not worn or damaged. Lastly, check the tub bearing.