How to Troubleshoot a Fisher & Paykel Dryer

Fisher & Paykel Appliances is a North American company that specializes in various home appliances. One of their flagship product lines is a series of washing machines and dryers. Sometimes, a Fisher & Paykel dryer can malfunction. Discover several methods of troubleshooting and resolving these problems so you can enjoy dry, soft clothes once again.


Check the Fisher & Paykel dryer's exhaust system if you notice that your clothing doesn't dry well. Increased condensation is often caused by a problem with the dryer's venting. Check that the dryer duct, which runs from the dryer to the outdoor vent, has not been smashed or broken. Go outside and inspect the vent to make sure it isn't clogged or blocked. Finally, Fisher & Paykel does not recommend a duct longer than 40 feet for optimum operation in most circumstances. If your dryer is that far from its outdoor vent, consider moving it to a new position.

Verify that the Fisher & Paykel dryer is plugged into a reliable power source if you notice poor drying power or sudden, unexpected shutdowns. The dryer can accommodate all 3- and 4-wire power supply cords, as well as direct wiring using 10-gauge copper wire. Regardless of the choice of connection, avoid using extension cables or overloading the electrical outlet.

Avoid overfilling the dryer if you find that parts of your laundry load remain wet. Fisher & Paykel dryers will not dry evenly if stuffed with too much laundry. For best results, only fill the dryer with clothes up to its lint cup, and do not pack down tightly.

Make sure you have selected the right cycle if you encounter wrinkled clothing or distressed garments. The Fisher & Paykel dryer offers users various levels of drying for different types of garments. Press the "POWER" button on the front LCD display screen and press the left or right arrows to select the appropriate cycle. Close the lid and touch "START" to begin the drying process.

Inspect the lint bucket if you find excessive amounts of lint on your dried laundry. The Fisher & Paykel dryer utilizes an internal lint trap suspended on the middle plastic piece of the dryer's steel drum. The trap only needs to be emptied once the lint reaches the top of the inside transparent casing.