Kenmore 417 is a line of residential use front-loading washing machines sold exclusively through Sears. No longer in production in 2010, the 417 could be purchased individually or in tandem with a dryer designed to work with the washer. Though there were a number of 417 models produced over the years, they share similar specifications. Specifications for Kenmore 417 washers describe unit dimensions, water use and input requirements as well as wash cycle times.

Kenmore 417 washers have a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet.


Dimension specifications for 417 model Kenmore washers describe the height, width and depth of the units as well as the weight of the machine and distance between certain machine parts. The unit is 36 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 27.75 inches deep when measured from the forward most protrusion to the back of the machine. Distance from the bottom of the unit to the power cord, which is located near the top of the washer, is 33.4 inches. When fully extended, the power cord is 60 inches long. The Kenmore 417 washer weighs 218 lbs.


During a normal wash cycle, 417 washers use 17.28 gallons of water. The drain on the machines is capable of eliminating approximately 17 gallons per minute, meaning that a 417 washer can theoretically empty an entire load of water in 60 seconds. The thickness of a drainpipe connected to a Kenmore 417 washer must be at least 1 3/4 inches thick. Drainpipes must extend a minimum of 24 inches above the floor and a maximum of 96 inches to be effective. Water faucets for intake must be 3/4-inch thick to properly connect to a 417 washer. Washers must be installed with 42 inches of a water supply to be effective.

Cycle Times

Prewash cycle time on 417 washers is six minutes. During the prewash cycle, the washer will fill with water, tumble the load, drain and shut off. Regular wash cycle on a 417 operates at three levels: heavy, regular and short. Tumbling time for these washes is 19 minutes, 13 minutes and 6 minutes respectively. Tumbling time for Permanent Press cycle is 13 minutes. This cycle involves three rinses, two spins and an additional tumble. Hand wash cycles have 9 minutes of tumbling time, the speed of which can be manually set to "Normal" or "Fast."