In the middle of winter it seems such a waste to turn on the electric clothes dryer and have all that nice hot air blow outside! Why not vent the air to the inside utilizing the moist air to make your home more comfortable? A few companies have made filters you can attach to the dryer vent pipe - accomplishing the same purpose, but here is a simpler solution that can work easily and quickly.

Vent Dryer Heat Indoors

Disconnect your dryer vent pipe from its outside vent opening. Take the time to get it vacuumed out thoroughly.

Now to keep the lint and dust from polluting your air, attach a vacuum cleaner bag securely to the end of the pipe. To do that, just undo the tope of the bag where it has been folded down a few times and form it over the end of the vent pipe, forming pleats that lay flat against the pipe. Hold it in place with a wire clamp or something suitable.

Direct a fan to blow the warm moist air out of the laundry area and into the rest of the house. Use the hook to keep the bag off the floor.

Check the bag weekly to watch for lint build up and change as necessary.

Step 5

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