How to Troubleshoot My Frigidaire Ice Maker That Is Not Working

The ice maker in Frigidaire refrigerators is designed to produce ice that you can dispense in either cubed or crushed form. In a nutshell, the ice maker works by freezing water in a tray and automatically dumping that tray into an ice bin. The ice maker then resets itself and repeats the process. If there is a problem with the water supply or with the freezer temperature, your Frigidaire ice maker may not work as effectively as it should, requiring that you do some troubleshooting.

A Frigidaire ice maker that is not producing ice cubes is not functioning properly.

Step 1

Reach your hand into the freezer and find the switch located on the ice maker. This switch has an "On" and an "Off" setting. If the ice maker is set to "Off," slide the switch over to the "On" position.

Step 2

Check the ice dispenser chute to see if there are any ice cubes or clumps of ice stuck in it. A clump of ice in the chute can impede the flow of ice through the chute when you are trying to dispense ice, making it seem like the ice maker is not functioning. Use an ice pick to clear the clumped ice from the chute.

Step 3

Move the refrigerator from the wall and check to make sure the water line is connected to the water line connection at the bottom of the refrigerator. If the water line is not connected, the ice maker has no way of being able to gather the water it needs to produce ice.

Step 4

Wait about three to five minutes for the ice maker to reset itself, if you have held in the dispenser arm for more than four to five minutes. The ice maker can overheat when the dispenser arm is held in for too long and will stop working. There is nothing you can do in this situation but wait a few minutes until the ice maker cools down and begins working again on its own.

Step 5

Set the freezer temperature setting no warmer than five degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer a freezer is, the harder the device must work to create ice. Of course, if the freezer is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it cannot produce ice at all, as 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point.