How to Troubleshoot a Sears Coldspot Refrigerator Ice Maker That is Not Working

If you are having trouble with your Sears Coldspot ice maker, there are a few diagnostics tests that you can run on your own. Ice makers do not contain many moving parts, so if you can narrow down the problem to a few key areas, you may be able to fix it yourself and have your ice maker back up and running in a few hours.

Step 1

Check the shut-off arm. A metal arm sticks out from the ice maker and sits in the ice bucket. Once the ice bucket is full, the metal arm raises and shuts off the ice maker. Make sure that the shut-off arm is not stuck on anything and is in the down position when the ice bucket is empty.

Step 2

Check the water fill tube going to the ice maker. This supply tube should be in the upper left corner of your freezer. Check for ice on the outside of the tube and wiggle the tube to see if it's frozen. If the tube is frozen, try warming up and defrosting the freeze plug on the back of the ice maker unit to allow the water to flow again.

Step 3

Ensure that the ice maker is plugged in. Unplug the refrigerator, then turn the whole unit around and follow the wiring harness from the back of the ice maker down to the power supply, making sure that the ice maker is plugged in correctly.

Step 4

Check the water supply valve. Slowly pull out the refrigerator and make sure that the water supply valve for the ice maker is completely open. This is located toward the bottom of the refrigerator. Close and open the valve completely to flush out any debris that might have accumulated in the water line.

Step 5

Test your incoming water pressure. If you have found nothing wrong with the internal parts of your ice maker, you may not be getting adequate water pressure to fill up the ice maker. Remove the end of the supply line from the back of the refrigerator and place that end in a bucket. The water should flow freely into the bucket. If the water comes out as just a trickle, you will need to call a plumber to restore your water flow.