How to Troubleshoot My Jenn-Air Ice Maker

Jenn-Air manufactures a variety of different appliances including refrigerators with ice makers. Consumers may find that their Jenn-Air ice maker fails to operate efficiently. Common issues include no ice production, too little or too much ice, or a clog in the chute. Many ice production problems are caused by an interruption in power, the device locking up or failing to restart or stop production automatically. Whatever the issue, consumers can troubleshoot the issue and try to resolve the problem themselves.

Step 1

Press and hold down the "Reset" button on the ice dispenser cover for several seconds until you hear successive beeps. This will reset the ice maker after a power outage or if the unit was unplugged.

Step 2

Open the Jenn-Air freezer door. Locate the "Unlock" or "Locked" button on the dispenser front cover. When this button is pressed, it locks and shuts off ice production. Press the button once to reactivate the ice maker.

Step 3

Locate the wire shutoff arm above the ice bin. Manually move the arm with your hand if it is in the wrong position. If there are only a few or no ice cubes currently in the bin, lower the arm into the "On" position to restart the ice making process. When enough ice is produced to touch the wire arm, the cubes will force the arm up into the "Off" position, which will turn off the ice maker. Make sure the arm is in the correct position based on the amount of ice in the bin. Remove any debris, food packages or ice obstructing the arm; chip away stubborn ice or debris with a plastic utensil.

Step 4

Look in the ice chute on the inside of the freezer door and ensure that no ice is stuck inside. An ice cube jammed in the chute can prevent the crusher from making crushed ice or keep cubes from flowing out of the chute freely. Remove any ice from the chute with your hand, or use a plastic utensil to chip away at the blockage. Press the "Cube" button and dispense ice for several seconds before selecting the "Crush" button again.