How to Switch the Door Swing Direction on an LG Refrigerator

Top-mount LG refrigerator doors, for both the freezer and the fresh food area, are reversible. Reversing the door will allow you to open the door from the opposite side. Depending on where your refrigerator is located, sometimes the direction the door opens won't work in your kitchen, so reversing the door's direction will help you make better use of the space.

Step 1

Scoot your LG refrigerator away from the wall, then disconnect the refrigerator's power by unplugging its cord from the wall.

Step 2

Lift off the protective cap from on top of the freezer door's hinge. Removing the cap will expose the door's hinge. You may need to slide a flat-head screwdriver under the cap to help pry it off.

Step 3

Remove all of the screws that hold the hinge into place, including the one that's connected to the door, using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

Lift the freezer door upward and pull it off the center hinge pin.

Step 5

Remove the screws that connect the center hinge pin to the refrigerator, then lift the pin out from the fresh food door.

Step 6

Lift the fresh food door upward and pull it off the bottom hinge pin.

Step 7

Unscrew the bottom hinge pin from the bottom of the refrigerator.

Step 8

Locate and place the bottom hinge over the holes on the opposite side of the refrigerator's bottom.

Step 9

Insert the screws into the hinge and screw them into place.

Step 10

Slide the fresh food door down onto the bottom hinge pin.

Step 11

Shut the door and hold it in place while you insert the center hinge pin into the top of the fresh food door, then screw the hinge back into place.

Step 12

Slide the freezer door back into place on top of the center hinge pin.

Step 13

Set the top hinge into place over the holes on the top of the refrigerator and insert the screws into place.

Step 14

Screw the top hinge back into place, replace the protective cap, then return power to your LG refrigerator.