When to Replace a Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter

A Frigidaire refrigerator with a built-in water filter will provide filtered water through the door-mounted water dispenser, and the ice maker will use filtered water to produce ice. Changing the filter in your Frigidaire on a regular basis will make sure your refrigerator continues to put out high-quality water and ice cubes.

Water Filter Capacity

The water filters for Frigidaire refrigerators are sold under the brand names PureSource Ultra and PureSource2. The filters are designed to filter 200 gallons of water before being replaced. The filter in a Frigidaire is located in the upper, rear right corner of the refrigerator. The filter is designed to snap out when the filter face is pushed, and a replacement filter slides then snaps into place. The water does not need to be turned off to replace the filter, but the ice maker should be turned off.

Filter Status Light

Some models of Frigidaire refrigerators have a filter status light on the water and ice touch pad. The light will flash green every time water is dispensed. The filter status light will turn amber when the filter capacity is 80 percent gone. The light turns red when it is time to replace the filter. After the filter has been replaced, reset the light by pressing the filter status button for three seconds. The light will turn from red to green.

No Filter Status Light

If your Frigidaire does not have a filter light, the refrigerator owner's manual recommends to change the filter every six months. Regular, scheduled filter replacement will allow the refrigerator to continue to put out high-quality water and ice. After the filter is replaced, fill one glass of water to remove any air from the lines. The owner's manual then recommends flushing the water system for four minutes, running the water dispenser.

Replacement Reminders

Frigidaire refrigerator water filters are available from a wide range of sources, both local stores and through online retailers. Customer service at Frigidaire.com allows you to set up email reminders when it is time to replace a filter. The reminders can be set to arrive every three or six months.