How to Remove the Ice-maker From a Frigidaire

Many Frigidaire models come with a built-in ice-maker in the freezer compartment. These ice-makers draw water from your home's plumbing to freeze into ice inside the ice-maker body. Once frozen, the ice-maker ejects the ice into the waiting ice bucket below. You can purchase replacement parts if your Frigidaire ice-maker goes bad, then remove the ice-maker from the Frigidaire and replace it yourself.

Step 1

Unplug your Frigidaire refrigerator from the power outlet. If you cannot reach the socket, cut the power for the refrigerator at the main circuit breaker. Check that the power has been cut by looking at the indicator or interior lights in the refrigerator. They should remain off when the power has been cut.

Step 2

Locate the water supply for the Frigidaire unit. In the majority of installations, this will be beneath the kitchen sink. Look for the line leading back from the refrigerator to the supply valve. Rotate the knob on the end of the valve clockwise to cut the water supply.

Step 3

Open the freezer door. Remove the ice bucket from underneath the ice-maker. Rotate the metal lever, on ice-makers so equipped, to the up position.

Step 4

Locate the mounting screws holding the ice-maker to the side of the freezer compartment. Loosen these enough with a screwdriver so that the ice-maker can be moved back and forth, but not all the way.

Step 5

Unplug the ice-maker's electrical cable from the socket at the rear of the freezer compartment.

Step 6

Place one hand underneath the ice-maker. Remove the mounting screws from the side of the freezer compartment. Pull the ice-maker out of the refrigerator.