How to Remove the Bottom Freezer Door

Bottom-mount refrigerators have the freezer on the bottom of the unit rather than on top. Bottom refrigerator freezers have pull-out drawers or swing doors. When the gasket begins to fail on a bottom freezer door, it is necessary to remove the door from the unit to change the gasket. Removing the bottom freezer door requires removing the refrigerator door first. Both doors operate by using a common hinge between them. The common, or center, hinge requires removal to take off the freezer door.

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator power cord. Open the refrigerator door and remove the contents from the door shelves. Close the refrigerator door and open the freezer door. Remove the contents from the freezer door shelves and close the door.

Step 2

Remove the plastic cover on the top hinge of the refrigerator. Some covers secure with a screw. Remove the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver and pull the cover off. Others simply pry off with a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 3

Loosen and remove the three to four hex screws that secure the top hinge to the refrigerator with a nut driver. Pull the top hinge off the refrigerator and set it in a safe place with the screws.

Step 4

Grab the sides of the refrigerator door and open it enough that the door seal is not in contact with the frame. Lift the door straight up until it clears the pin on the center hinge. Place the door out of the way.

Step 5

Remove the hex screws securing the center hinge with the nut driver. Pull the center hinge straight up and away from the top of the freezer door.

Step 6

Open the freezer door and lift it off the bottom pin. You do not need to remove the bottom hinge unless you are changing the door direction.