How to Fix a Frigidaire Ice Maker That Keeps Getting Stuck

If you have a Frigidaire refrigerator unit that uses an ice maker, you may find that the ice maker sometimes becomes stuck. It may not produce enough ice to expel, or it may be producing ice but is struggling to properly dispense it. If this is a recurring issue, several problems may need your attention.

Too Much Ice

In many cases, too much ice in the waiting bin causes the ice maker to stick. When this happens, the ice toward the back eventually becomes fused together, a compact bundle of ice that is too thick for the ice maker to properly rake apart and dispense. You can break apart this ice manually to solve the problem. The long-term cause is often long periods of inactivity for the ice maker: Using it more often may fix the issue.

Caught Ice in Raker

The Frigidaire ice maker uses a raking mechanism to draw in new ice for dispensing and break apart any ice in the bin. Even if the bin is not overflowing, the raker mechanism may have ice caught in it. These ice pieces can interfere with performance, but it is usually easy to clear off to restore normal function. If the ice maker still does not work, the problem may lie deeper within the ice-making system.

Supply Valve

Your Frigidaire ice maker uses a supply line of water to produce its cubes. It relies solely on this water line to operate. Sometimes the supply valve that controls when this line operates can fail. The valve can become stuck, corroded or simply wear out. When this occurs, you will not get any ice from your ice maker, and may also find your water dispenser does not work. This calls for a thorough check of the supply line and a potential replacement of the supply valve.

Filter Issues

Your ice maker water line also uses a filter. This filter stops any particles in the water that might contaminate the ice or make it taste funny. If your water has a high level of contaminants, this filter can become clogged over time. The result is a low water flow and a struggle for the ice maker to produce enough ice to remain functional. Replacing the filter can solve the problem.