A Frigidaire Ice Maker Is Not Dumping Ice

One of the features of many Frigidaire refrigerators is a water and ice dispenser in the freezer door that is connected to an automatic ice maker and bin in the freezer compartment. The ice maker should produce a full batch of ice once every 24 hours as needed. Some Frigidaire models even offer a fast ice feature to speed up ice production. However, if the ice maker is not dumping ice into the bin, you can take some steps to try to determine the source of the problem.

Ice Maker Power

The first thing to check if the ice maker is not filling the ice bin is whether the ice maker is turned on. Turn the power switch on the ice maker inside the freezer to "On," push down the power arm to the down position on applicable models, or touch the "On/off" key pad next to the ice maker icon on the display panel until the light over "Ice On" is lit up.

Water Supply

While the ice maker should have been connected to the water supply when the Frigidaire refrigerator is installed, checking the water line is always a good idea if ice is not being made and the ice maker is turned on. The refrigerator might make a loud sound if the water supply is turned off but the ice maker is turned on. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and ensure the copper water line from the household water supply is connected firmly to the water valve and the plastic water tube extends from the water supply housing into the freezer for the ice maker. Contact Frigidaire for assistance if the water supply does not seem to be correctly connected or installed.

Flushing the System

When the Frigidaire refrigerator is newly installed and connected to a water supply, air might be in the lines. This air can prevent the ice maker from producing ice and dispensing the ice into the bin as expected. Flush out the system by dispensing water until water flows freely from the dispenser, then continue to dispense water for another four or five minutes to completely push any air or debris out of the system.

Ice Bin Installation

Finally, check that the ice bin is installed correctly -- the ice maker will not drop ice into the bin if the bin is out of position. Pull the ice bin straight out from the housing, check to make sure there aren't any obstructions preventing the ice bin from fitting in the freezer correctly, then slide the bin back in a straight motion until the bin clicks into position. Take a look at the ice bin auger and turn the metal auger in 45-degree turns until the bin fits completely together with the auger because a misplaced auger might also prevent ice production.