Troubleshooting Problems on a Magic Chef Refrigerator

Magic Chef refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and styles, including top-mount refrigerators and side-by-side models. Each model shares many of the same components and features. When problems occur, the troubleshooting process can help you identify the source of the issue. In many cases, simply completing these troubleshooting steps can help resolve the problem. In some cases, however, it may be necessary for you to call in a professional service technician.

Step 1

Plug the power cord into a grounded three-prong outlet if the refrigerator will not operate. Test the outlet by plugging a lamp or other small appliance into it.

Step 2

Allow the refrigerator to fully cool for up to 24 hours if it is newly installed.

Step 3

Move food packages away from the doors if the doors will not completely close.

Step 4

Push the adjustable shelves back to their proper position if they are sticking out too far to allow the door to close.

Step 5

Clean the gaskets with mild soap and warm water if they are sticky. Dirty door gaskets can cause the door to be hard to open.

Step 6

Straighten the water line to remove any kinks if the ice maker is not producing enough ice.

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