How to Change the Water Filter in a Jenn Air Refrigerator

Jenn-Air side-by-side refrigerators offer the convenience of a filtered water and ice. The water runs through a filter in the refrigerator to remove harmful byproducts. Jenn-Air recommends replacing the filters at least every six months. How you change the water filter in a Jenn-Air refrigerator depends upon the model you own. Some units have the filter inside the fresh food compartment, while others have the filter inside the lower base grille.

Filter In Refrigerator

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door and find the tab on the end of the filter housing facing you. Press in the tab with your thumb and lower the bottom half of the housing down.

Step 2

Turn the water filter counterclockwise with your hand until it disengages from the filter head. Pull the filter completely out of the housing. Hold the filter upside down over the sink to drain the water out before throwing the filter into the garbage.

Step 3

Remove the cap from the top of the new water filter. Insert the end of the filter into the filter head. Turn the filter clockwise until it locks into position.

Step 4

Raise the lower half of the housing to the upper half and press until the two pieces lock together.

Step 5

Place a glass under the water dispenser and fill the glass with water. Empty the glass of water into the sink and fill it again. Continue this filling and emptying process until the water runs clear from the dispenser and there are no more air bursts.

Filter In Base Grille

Step 6

Find the filter eject button beside the filter on the base grille. Press the button to release the filter. The filter will pop out from the grille slightly.

Step 7

Pull the old filter straight out of the base grille with your fingers. Empty the water in the filter over the sink and throw it away.

Step 8

Remove the cap from the end of the new filter. Ensure the O-rings on the filter do not come off with the cap. Insert the end of the filter straight into the base grille and push it in until it locks into place.

Step 9

Purge air from the water lines by filling a glass with the dispenser and emptying until the water runs clear.