How to Reset the Filter Light on a Maytag Refrigerator

The water filters in Maytag refrigerators remove contaminants from your water supply and make your water safe to drink. The filters have a long, but limited, lifespan. To ensure high-quality water filtration, change the filters on a regular basis. Maytag includes a filter indicator on their refrigerators to help remind you that the filters need to be changed. The indicator needs to be reset every time a filter replacement is installed.

Step 1

Remove the old water filter from your refrigerator by turning the handle counterclockwise and pulling it out of the filter holder. The filter is located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

Step 2

Slide the replacement filter into the filter holder and turn it clockwise.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Reset Filter" button until the indicator lights go off if your model refrigerator has a "Reset Filter" button on the control panel.

Step 4

Hold the "Lock" and "Light" buttons on the control panel until the filter indicator lights turn off if your model refrigerator does not have a "Reset Filter" button. For models that do not have a "Light" button, press and hold the "Lock" and "Water" buttons.