Is There a Reset on My Kenmore Refrigerator?

Resetting your Kenmore-brand refrigerator helps you solve minor technical problems without opening a toolbox or forking over large quantities of money to the manufacturer for a visit by a technician. Many modern appliances and electronics have a dedicated reset button that restarts the internal microcomputer and, in many cases, resolves temporary technical difficulties. Kenmore refrigerators do not have a reset button, but they can still be easily restarted in the event of a problem.

When to Reset

Troubleshooting guides often recommend that you reset your refrigerator as soon as you notice a problem. Minor faults with the microcomputer often clear up when the power is removed and then reconnected. Any deviation from your refrigerator's normal function may be considered a fault.

Resetting your Refrigerator

Move the refrigerator forward, and pull the power cord out of the outlet. Wait approximately one minute before plugging the appliance back in. The internal microcomputer will reset itself while the power is off, clearing any minor faults.

Reasons for Resetting

Warm temperatures, cold temperatures, prolonged motor activity or problems with the controls are all issues that can be resolved by resetting the refrigerator. Plugging the refrigerator back in usually clears up the causes of these problems.

Why Reset Your Refrigerator

Troubleshooting your kitchen appliances at home — without calling a technician — has the potential to save you money if you're successful at solving the problem. Basic troubleshooting steps begin with resetting the appliance or canceling the current operation before progressing to more rigorous checks.