How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Ice Maker

The Kenmore Elite is a higher end model of home appliances from Sears' own Kenmore brand. These appliances have many additional luxuries that make give them premium status. If you have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator/freezer, there is a chance that you have an ice maker built in. This will give you an unlimited amount of ice for whatever your needs, but there are times when the ice maker does not work properly. You can likely deduce the problem and fix it yourself, but if after following this guide, you still cannot find the cause of your ice maker problem, call a repairman.

Step 1

Determine the exact problem you are experiencing with your ice maker. Does it not make any ice? Is there not enough ice? Is the ice too small or hollow? Does the ice smell or taste bad?

Step 2

Follow this step if you do not have any ice being made. Look inside the ice cube tray and at the ice maker mechanism. If there is a jammed cube, carefully pull it out. A jammed ice cube will prevent the ice maker from operating properly. Wait for 24 hours for the machine to reset before checking again for ice.

Step 3

Follow this step if your ice maker is not making ice and step 2 did not solve the problem. Check the water line connection for leaks from the freezer to the water valve. Straighten out any kinks in the line, and be sure that the water valve is turned all the way into the "On" position. Wait for 24 hours to see if this fixed the problem.

Step 4

Follow this step if your ice tastes or smells bad. Check the plumbing that you are using. If you have new PVC plumbing, the ice for the first 48 to 72 hours will have off odors and tastes. Discard this ice and wait for at least three days after installing new plumbing before using the ice.

Step 5

Follow this step if your ice tastes bad or smells off and step four did not help. Discard all of the ice in the tray. Thoroughly wash the ice maker tray with bleach and let it air dry. Wrap all food in the freezer in heavy freezer paper or freezer bags. Ice picks up food odors and tastes from food stored in the freezer easily. Ensuring that the food is wrapped can solve this problem.

Step 6

Follow this step if you have hollow or small ice cubes. Check your water pressure and your hose. You should use at least a 1/4" hose for the ice maker. Do not feed the water hose into a saddle valve, but take it directly to the water valve in your kitchen. Replace the hose if it is clogged. You will need at least 120 psi in order for the ice maker to operate at its best.

Step 7

If none of the steps above helped, call a repair service.