How to Replace the Handles on Fisher & Paykel Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Accidents happen, and sometimes the handle on your refrigerator gets broken. Replacing refrigerator handles on a Fisher and Paykel bottom freezer refrigerator requires a little more than going to the store to purchase a new set. It is necessary to order replacement handles from the manufacturer. Once you have the replacements, however, the process of removing and installing the handles is standard. The key is finding the hidden screws to remove the old handles.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door and look for the cap covering the door handle screws on the bottom edge of the door. Pry the cap off the door with a small flat-head screwdriver. Remove the two screws securing the door handle to the edge of the door with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 2

Pull the end of the handle off the door edge, and toward the outside edge of the door. Once you have the handle at a 90-degree angle, push the handle toward the hinge side of the door. Lift the handle away from the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator.

Step 3

Line up the keyhole slot on the back of the new handle with the handle support on the door. Push the handle over the handle support until the back of the handle is flush against the door. Stand on the outside edge of the door, and hold the handle at a 90-degree angle. Pull the handle toward you to secure the end over the handle support.

Step 4

Swing the opposite end of the handle over the door edge, and line up the handle mounting holes with the holes on the door. You may have to pull slightly to get the handle end over the door edge.

Step 5

Secure the handle to the door edge with the retaining screws, and push the cover over the screw heads and handle. Repeat the process for the freezer door.