How to Remove Drawers in a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

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Kenmore Elite refrigerators feature several drawers, shelves and compartments for easy separation and storage of food and drinks. While most of the shelving and compartments are easy to clean, cleaning the area below and beside the drawers is more difficult. The drawers are often used to save vegetables and fruit, which can get messy. By removing the drawers, a user can access and clean the area underneath the drawer.

Step 1

Pull the drawer out until it stops. Do not yank on the drawer, as you might damage it.

Step 2

Lift up on the front of the drawer with one hand while supporting the underside of the drawer with your other hand.

Step 3

Remove the drawer by pulling it out fully from the drawer compartment.

Step 4

Replace the drawer by lining it up with the compartment drawer guides and pushing it into the compartment.

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