Repairing a GE Profile Icemaker That Is Frozen

GE's Profile-series refrigerators feature either built-in or integrated ice makers. Occasionally the fill tube in either ice maker design can freeze up, resulting in ice blocking the flow of water to your ice maker. In both types of ice maker, the problem is usually related to the refrigerator temperature set too cold. To repair a frozen GE ice maker, you have to thaw the ice so that water can move through the fill tube.

Step 1

Pull out the refrigerator and disconnect the power cord, or turn the power off at the breaker.

Step 2

Remove the ice bin from the ice maker. For integrated ice makers, tilt the bucket down and slide it out. On built-in models, slide the bin out and lift the shelf directly above to access the power switch and the fill tube.

Step 3

Look inside the ice maker housing and find the fill tube, which is usually a white plastic or rubberlike hose that connects the ice maker to the water supply.

Step 4

Place a dry towel beneath the ice maker to catch moisture that may puddle as you thaw the ice.

Step 5

Plug a hair dryer into a nearby outlet and set it to its lowest heat setting.

Step 6

Blow warm air on the ice maker fill tube to melt the ice. Avoid holding the hair dryer too close to the tube, and move the hair dryer in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion so you aren't directing continuous heat at one spot.

Step 7

Touch the ice maker and the tube periodically to determine if the ice has thawed and to make sure you aren't burning or melting the parts. If any part feels hot to the touch, shut off the hair dryer and allow the part to cool before continuing.

Step 8

Mop up moisture with a towel as you thaw the tube, including moisture on the tube and the ice maker itself.

Step 9

Replace the ice bin when there is no more ice in the fill tube. Plug your refrigerator back in, and allow the ice maker time to produce ice again. This may take several hours.

Step 10

Turn the refrigerator temperature control to a less cool setting to prevent the ice maker from refreezing.

Step 11

Call a technician for service if thawing the fill tube does not cause the dispenser to give water; the water reservoir in your water dispensing unit may also be frozen or the water supply valve may be damaged.

Step 12

Wrap a towel dampened with hot water around the fill tube if it is only partially frozen or if you prefer not to use a hair dryer. This method of thawing often takes longer than applying warm air if the fill tube is frozen solid.