How to Check the Defrost on a Frigidaire Refrigerator

If your Frigidaire refrigerator freezer doesn't seem to be defrosting properly, you may have a problem with the defrost time. The defrost timer in your Frigidaire controls the defrosting cycle. In older Frigidaires the timer runs continuously; in new models the time only operates when the defrost cycle kicks in. If the timer doesn't operate properly, your Frigidaire will get stuck in a defrost mode or refrigerate mode, causing it to stop cooling or to build up frost. You can take steps to check your Frigidaire defrost timer. Refer to your user manual for specifics on where parts are located.

Check the defrost on your refrigerator to keep ice from defrosting.

Step 1

Unplug the Frigidaire refrigerator-freezer to keep from getting shocked during your test.

Step 2

Look for the defrost timer behind the front grill of the freezer. Also look for it behind the cover plate inside the freezer, in the temperature control console or behind the refrigerator-freezer close to the compressor.

Step 3

Test to see if the defrost timer is failing to advance. Look for the advance screw, and turn it clockwise with your fingers until you hear it click, which should advance the timer to the next mode. Plug the refrigerator-freezer in.

Step 4

Wait about 35 minutes, and check if the timer has advanced to the next mode. You will hear the compressor go on if the Frigidaire refrigerator-freezer has resumed cooling.

Step 5

Check if the switch is functioning properly if the defrost time didn't advance properly. Unplug the Frigidaire. Remove the screws holding the timer in with a screwdriver. Pull out the timer so you can disconnect the wiring from the connector plug with your fingers.

Step 6

Test the timer using a multi-tester by setting the multi-tester to the X1 ohm setting. Test the common terminal labeled "3" or "C," or whichever terminal coincides with the common wire connector plug, which is typically white.

Step 7

Touch one of the multi-tester probes to the common terminal while touching the other probe to each of the other three terminals. The reading on the multi-tester should be zero for one or two terminals; the third should read "infinity."

Step 8

Turn the timer switch on the Frigidaire defrost timer until you hear a click. Retest the timer again: the terminal that read "infinity" before should now read zero. If the defrost timer does not pass this test, replace it.