Why Won't the Water Dispenser on My Fridge Come Out?

Many refrigerators come with a water and ice system that includes a water filter and ice and water dispenser on the freezer door. However, if water from the water dispenser won't come out, some basic troubleshooting might be needed to get the water flowing again from the dispenser.

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Make sure the freezer door is shut before operating the water dispenser.

New Installation

When a refrigerator is newly installed, the water reservoir takes some time to fill and cool enough to dispense from the water dispenser. Allow the refrigerator several hours after installation to cool, and then press down the water dispenser cradle with a large empty container for two to three minutes. This will fill the water reservoir and flush out the water lines. Water may spurt at first when coming out of the dispenser. Keep holding down the water dispenser lever until the water flows freely and is clear.

Water Line

Check behind the refrigerator to make sure the water line is connected properly to the refrigerator. There is a valve where the water line is inserted into the refrigerator and the connection should be tight and not loose or leaking. Call the refrigerator manufacturer or a plumber if there seems to be a problem with the water line connection. Do not use the water dispenser until the problem is addressed.

Water Tank

Open the refrigerator door and remove the vegetable bins or meat pan to see if there is water leaking on the floor of the fresh food compartment. This may indicate that the water tank has frozen or is cracked, which will prevent water from dispensing. Turn the meat pan control to a warmer setting if positioned at the coldest setting, as this can also lead to the water tank freezing.

Control Lock

There is a control lock feature on many refrigerator water and ice dispensers to prevent children or others from using the dispenser when unsupervised. The lock prevents any of the keypads or dispenser levers from operating. Push and hold the lock icon button, "Control Lock" or "Lock" key pad for at least three seconds until a beep sounds and the lock releases. The water dispenser should dispense water once the lock is released.

Dispenser Operation

Make sure the freezer door is fully shut because the dispenser will not work if the door is open. In addition, check the water filter in the refrigerator compartment and replace if the filter is old, or remove and reposition if the filter is not inserted fully into the housing. Check the household water supply pressure, which needs to be at least 30 psi for proper water flow to the dispenser. The water pressure can be checked on any household faucet with a water pressure gauge. Contact a plumber if you need assistance.