How to Get Rid of Air in Ice Maker Lines

When air is present in an ice maker line, the refrigerator may not dispense any ice or the ice sputters out of the dispensing chute. This problem is most likely following the initial installation of the refrigerator and the connecting of the refrigerator to the water and ice lines. When newly installed, air is still present in the line and must be flushed out to get the ice maker working properly.

Regular use of the ice dispenser can help prevent air from building up in the lines.

Step 1

Make sure the refrigerator is connected to a power outlet and at least 24 hours have passed since the initial installation to allow the freezer temperatures to drop to a level capable of making ice. Place a normal amount of food in the freezer for faster freezing, as an empty freezer takes longer to cool.

Step 2

Install a water filter in the refrigerator compartment or in the toe grille of the refrigerator, depending upon the model, or replace the water filter if the refrigerator has been installed for at least 6 months.

Step 3

Set an empty container under the water dispenser and depress the lever for 5 seconds. Release the lever for another 5 seconds and repeat until water flows steadily from the dispenser and at least 4 gallons of water has been dispensed from the unit. This flushes air from the water and ice system.

Step 4

Use the ice dispenser on a regular basis to help keep ice and water flowing through the system, which can help prevent air from accumulating in the lines.