My Whirlpool French Door Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice

Whirlpool makes several models of refrigerator that are French door models with ice makers. A French door refrigerator is a refrigerator that has the freezer on the bottom and the refrigerator doors on the top instead of the other way around, which is more common in refrigerator models. Many reasons account for why a refrigerator with an ice maker will not make ice.

A kinked water supply will prevent your ice maker from making ice.

Not Turned on

The ice maker is a separate unit from the rest of the Whirlpool French door refrigerator and will need to be turned on for it to make ice. To turn on the ice maker in a Whirlpool French door refrigerator, hold down the Temp and Fast Cool buttons together for at least three seconds until you see the Ice Maker "Off" symbol on the ice maker disappear.

Water Supply

The water supply that brings water to the ice machine may be turned off if the ice maker is not making any ice. Verify that the water supply is turned on and that there are no kinks in the water supply line. If there are kinks or bends in the line, not enough water will get to the ice maker to create ice.


A Whirlpool French door refrigerator's ice maker needs at least 24 hours to begin producing ice. In addition, if all of the ice in the ice maker storage bucket has recently been removed, the ice maker will not make any ice again until 24 hours later when ice has had a chance to form.


After being made, the ice travels from the ice bucket down a chute in the door of the refrigerator. If this chute is clogged or there is an ice cube stuck in it, ice will not travel to the door of the fridge properly, appearing as though your ice maker is not making ice.