How to Remove the Door Handles on a Frigidaire Refrigerator

Whether you are moving the refrigerator through a tight opening or changing the swing of the doors, you will need to remove the Frigidaire refrigerator door handles. You will also need to remove the handles if one breaks and needs replacing. You can remove the door handles quickly with a couple of tools. The screws are small, so it is a good idea to have a small container in which to place the screws as you remove them from the door.

Hand holding screwdriver
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

Step 1

Locate the cover on the bottom of the refrigerator handle that is over the retaining set screw. Insert a small flat-head screwdriver between the cover and the handle to pry the cover off of the handle.

Step 2

Loosen the set screw inside the bottom of the door handle with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Do not remove the screw at this time.

Step 3

Open the Frigidaire refrigerator door to access the retaining screws on the top of the door. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the top of the handle to the top edge of the door.

Step 4

Finish loosening the set screw in the bottom of the door handle and remove the door handle from the door.

Step 5

Open the freezer and remove the two screws on the bottom edge of the door that secure the bottom of the freezer door handle to the door.

Step 6

Loosen and remove the set screw at the top of the handle to remove the handle completely from the freezer door.