How to Remove the Drain Pan on a Maytag Refrigerator

If you start to notice water under your refrigerator, it may be time to empty the drain pan. The drain pan in your Maytag refrigerator catches the condensation run-off from your condenser. Often the water evaporates in the pan and you probably seldom even think about accessing it. However when it is time to empty the pan, you will need to remove the pan from under the refrigerator. Most side-by-side units are sealed which will mean going behind the refrigerator to access the pan. Top-mount units usually have the drain pan behind the front grille.

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Side By Side With Water Dispenser

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator power cord from the wall outlet. Ask a friend to help you pull the refrigerator away from the wall so you can work behind the refrigerator.

Step 2

Remove the hex screws securing the lower compartment cover and water valve cover with a nut driver. The covers are on the lower rear portion of the refrigerator. Pull the covers away from the refrigerator.

Step 3

Locate the screws securing the condenser shroud to the drain pan. Turn the screws counter-clockwise with a Phillips-head screwdriver to disconnect the pan from the shroud. Ask your helper to assist in raising the back of the refrigerator off the floor and place the two blocks of wood at each rear corner. Slowly lower the refrigerator onto the wood blocks. Some water will spill from the drain pan if it is full. Have towels handy to soak up water spills.

Step 4

Find the two Torx screws securing the drain pan to the bottom edge of the refrigerator cabinet. Remove the screws with a Torx driver. Lift the rear of the refrigerator up slightly and remove the wood blocks. Lower the rear of the refrigerator to the floor.

Step 5

Pull the condenser shroud away from the refrigerator. You may have a ground wire attached to the shroud. Remove the screw securing the ground wire with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 6

Bend the copper drain tube just enough to allow room to pull the drain pan out of the refrigerator.

Top Mount

Step 7

Grab the ends of the lower front grille with your hands and pull the grille straight off the refrigerator. The grille is the the vent portion on the front of the refrigerator below the door.The grille has two tabs that secure into tab holes on the refrigerator frame. They will pull out of the holes with a little pressure.

Step 8

Place a towel near the drain pan to catch spilling water.

Step 9

Lift the front of the pan up slightly and pull the pan out of the refrigerator.