The Rowenta Advancer steam iron has various heating functions for different uses. If the iron will not heat up, the problem may be because you are not using the features correctly. Understand how to troubleshoot and resolve heating issues.

Heating Function

The Rowenta Advancer has temperature controls to adjust the heat for ironing various fabrics. The recommended heat settings are lower for synthetics and higher for silk, wool, cotton and linen. The iron's steam function, which works by heating water before it's released, has settings controlled by the amount of heat selected. The lowest setting is a "Smooth Steam," while the highest setting is a "High Pressure Steam." The higher heat setting also allows the iron to release a burst of steam by the press of a button, to release stubborn wrinkles.


The iron may not feel hot if the temperature control is set at the "Min" level. It may not heat up if it's not plugged in correctly. The Advancer has an "Auto-Off" feature that may engage if the iron sits too long, causing the iron to cease heating.


Turn the temperature control to at least the first setting. If it still does not feel sufficiently warm, select the second temperature setting. Double-check that the power cord is in securely. If the outlet is GFCI-protected, reset it to ensure it's working. If the outlet still does not appear to work, reset the breaker on the electrical box. Shake the iron to disengage the "Auto-Off" feature, if the iron had been sitting for some time. Moving the iron turns it back on.

Warnings and Tips

Turn the temperature to the "Min" setting and the steam control to "No Steam" after use. Unplug the iron only after turning the controls to their lowest settings. Place the iron on its heel to cool. Wait until it's completely cool before storing it. Only fill the iron with water when its power cord is unplugged. The Advancer is a 1,700- to 1,800-watt appliance; do not plug in another high wattage appliance on the same circuit. If using an extension cord, choose one with an electrical rating at least the same as the rating of the iron. Do not use the iron if it has a damaged cord.