Taylor Freezer Troubleshooting

Taylor is a manufacturer of freezer units that dispense soft-serve ice cream and frozen drinks, as well as espresso machines and other cooking-related equipment. The company was created in 1926 and changed the name from Taylor Freezer to Taylor in 1986 to reflect the expanded product line. Local distributors service Taylor freezer machines, but with some troubleshooting steps you often can take care of minor problems yourself.

Slush Freezer

Step 1

Mix the product according to the directions, and install or replace the scraper blades if the slush is too thin coming out.

Step 2

Follow the proper mixing directions and add mix to the hopper if nothing is being dispensed when the draw valve is open.

Step 3

Lubricate the 'O' ring on the drive shaft with a food-grade lubricant, or replace the 'O' ring with a new one if mix is leaking into the rear drip pan.

Step 4

Clean out the condensers if the product is not freezing when in the AUTO position. Call for service if you notice a refrigerant leak.

Soft-Serve Freezer

Step 1

Flip power switch to the "Auto" position, fill the hopper up with mix, plug in the cord and reset the freezer if no ice cream is being dispensed. Check the fuse or circuit breaker.

Step 2

Replace the 'O' rings on the draw valve, lubricate the unit with a food-grade lubricant and apply more lubricant if the draw valve is leaking.

Step 3

Lubricate the center draw valve seal properly and replace it at least every three months to avoid mix from one freezing cylinder from bleeding into the second cylinder.

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