Maytag Oven Error Codes

Maytag oven error codes appear on the appliance's LCD screen. Some error codes are easily fixable, while others require new parts or repair.


Maytag error codes always appear with "F" followed by a single number. Occasionally, multiple numbers may appear after the "F" for different types of error codes.


Code "F1" means there is a bad touch panel. Code "F2" means there is an error with the clean mode settings. Code "F3" and "F4" means there is a temperature setting error.


"F0" is the worst error code for Maytag ovens because it means the ovens are inoperational. Unplug your oven and call your dealer or repairperson for service.


Use your oven's manual to look up the exact error code and find replacement parts. The majority of parts can be easily replaced, but some may need professional assistance.


Look for an "F" error code followed by a letter of a dash and a number. This is an open latch error and the last letter or number indicates the part that is open. Use your manual to find the part and close it.