Crofton Psc-350 Steam Cleaner Instructions

Manufactured for Aldi grocery stores, the Crofton Psc 350 steam cleaner is a good quality, inexpensive steam cleaning system. Learning to use the Crofton Psc 350 steam cleaner is simple and takes only minutes.


Always use proper safety precautions when using the Crofton Psc 350 steam cleaner. Inspect the steam cleaner and electrical cord for possible damage before each use. Never leave the steam cleaner on while unattended, point it at people or attempt to steam clean clothing while it is being worn.


To use your Crofton steam cleaner, fill the boiler tank with one cup of water. Filling the tank with more than one cup of water will cause the tank to overflow. For this reason, a convenient one cup measuring cup was provided with your steamer. Plug the steamer into a grounded electrical outlet and wait for the indicator light to turn on. Make sure that the steam nozzle is pointed in a safe direction before pressing the "Steam Trigger" to begin steam cleaning. When you're finished with the steamer, unplug it and slowly unscrew the cap, taking care not to burn yourself.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will help ensure that your Crofton Psc 350 steam cleaner continues to perform at its best. After using your steam cleaner, wait for it to cool completely, then pour any excess water down the sink. Rinse the boiler tank with clean water two or three times to wash away any mineral residue. Dry the steam cleaner with a cloth and store upright in a dry location.