Scunci Steamer Tips

The Scunci steamer is a versatile hand-held steam cleaning device. It can be used to clean most areas where harsh, dangerous chemicals would normally be used, so Scunci eliminates the need to purchase these chemicals and use them in your home.

The Scunci Steamer is simple to use. Load the reservoir with water, plug in the unit, wait three to four minutes while the water warms, and then press the plunger to steam.

Bathroom Use

The Scunci is perhaps most useful in the bathroom for cleaning tough-to-reach areas such as around faucets and grout. With various attachments, you can reach just about anywhere with the steamer, and you can certainly reach areas that you cannot get to with a bathroom sponge.

Use one of the included nylon scrub brushes to directly spray and scrub the area behind a bathtub faucet or the place where your shower meets the floor. Also included is a bayonet tip which is perfect for sanitizing your personal items, including toothbrushes and hairbrushes. Simply by placing the item over the sink and spraying the steam over it, you can remove built-up gunk and the germs that accompany it

On Fabric

Using the Scunci steamer on fabric is much more affordable than paying for professional cleaning and car detailing because you are using ordinary tap water. In the car, the steamer can eliminate odors from spills on the fabric. Steam cleaning your home's furniture sanitizes it, which is especially helpful in preventing the spread of colds or other illnesses among family members. Also use the steamer to clean stuffed animals and other children's toys.


Should your Scunci steamer clog, you may be able to repair it easily. One option is to unplug the device and clear the nozzle with a cotton swab or needle by scraping away any residue you can reach. A second option for removing build-up is to disassemble the Scunci and soak the various parts in vinegar to dissolve the calcium and lime deposits. Be careful not to leave the steamer plugged in without water, as this may blow a fuse inside the device and cause it not to steam.

Stormy Hickman

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