Keurig is the leader in single cup brewing technology for coffee makers. Their line of coffee makers uses their exclusive K-cups to brew single cups of coffee. When you first receive your Keurig coffee maker or just finish running it through a de-scaling process, it is important to flush the unit. Flushing a Keurig removes the vinegar taste from de-scaling and also removes impurites from manufacturing. Flushing the unit is as simple as preparing a cup of coffee.

Step 1

Press the power button on your Keurig unit. The "water fill" indicator will illuminate. Raise the water reservoir lid and pour in cold water up to the fill line. The fill line is clearly seen on the inside of the water reservoir.

Step 2

Place a cup on the drip tray. Close the water reservoir lid and raise the brewer handle just as you would when placing a K-cup in the brewer. Close the brewer handle without adding a K-cup.

Step 3

Dump the hot water from the cup into a nearby sink once the brewing cycle has finished. Continue this flushing routine three more times if you have just de-scaled the unit or eight times if this is the first time using the Keurig.