How to Take Apart a Dyson DC07 Vacuum

The Dyson DC07 is part of Dyson's line of Animal vacuum cleaners. The Dyson DC07 is an upright, and is especially effective in collecting animal hair. Unique among many of today's products, you can disassemble the Dyson DC07 at home for cleaning or repair. According to Dyson, you should remove and wash the vacuum's filters at least once every six months.

Step 1

Remove the canister from the vacuum by pressing the canister-release button at the top of the canister-release handle. Lift the canister free.

Step 2

Remove the pre-motor filter from the canister by lifting the tab at the base of the canister handle and raising the lid. The filter is inside.

Step 3

Remove the HEPA filter from the vacuum. The HEPA filter housing is located on the base of the vacuum. Using a flat-head screwdriver, pry open the tabs around the filter housing and raise the lid. The filter is inside.

Step 4

Unwrap the cord from the back of the Dyson DC07. Press the wand lock release, at the base of the handle, and lift the wand and hose assembly away from the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 5

Place the Dyson DC 07 on its face, exposing the underside of the vacuum. There is a tab on the housing that covers the base of the hose--press this tab and separate the base of the hose from the housing. Set the hose aside.

Step 6

Loosen each of the sole plate fasteners. The sole plate protects the brush on the underside of the vacuum. Using either a flat-head screwdriver or a coin, give each fastener a half-turn to the left. There are three fasteners.

Step 7

Lift the sole plate away.

Step 8

Use your thumbs to rotate the tabs on the side of the roller brush forward, toward the front of the vacuum.

Step 9

Pull the roller brush away from the housing. The only thing attaching the brush to the vacuum at this point is the brush belt. Simply twist the brush and separate it from the belt.

Step 10

Remove the roller brush belt by following the end of the belt with your fingers, and lifting the belt free of the motor shaft. Pull the belt from the machine.