Acu-Rite Atomic Clock Setting Instructions

Acu-Rite atomic clocks by Cheney Instruments offer accurate timekeeping, as well as an alarm feature. To display the correct time, your clock receives regular signals from the National Institute of Standard and Technology's atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Because of their ease of use, Acu-Rite atomic clocks make useful gifts for busy friends or the electronically challenged.

Battery Information

Two AA batteries power your Acu-Rite atomic clock. The manufacturer recommends using alkaline batteries, rather than rechargeable, for best results. Once you have removed the battery cover and installed the batteries, the atomic clock will begin to display its default settings.

Positioning the Clock

Choose a location relatively close to a window. The best signal reception occurs when the clock faces west. If you find that your clock has trouble receiving the atomic signal, change its position.

Activating the Clock

To activate the radio-controlled atomic feature of your clock, press the "Zone/DST" button and choose the appropriate time zone. Once you have selected a time zone, the clock will begin searching for the atomic time signal. Wait three to five minutes for the clock to display the correct local time. When your clock has finished receiving the time signal, "OK" will appear on its display.

Function Buttons

The buttons perform a variety of functions. Hold the "CLK/CAL" button for three seconds to enter the clock and calendar-setting screen. Press the "Alarm" button once to view the current alarm time or for two seconds to access the alarm setting screen. Press the "Zone/DST" button to change the time zone for the clock or hold for two seconds to turn daylight savings time on or off. In normal mode, press the "+/Sync" button to get a manual synchronization of atomic time signal. In clock or calendar mode, use the "+/Sync" button to increase number values. The "-/Alarm" button can be used to decrease number values in clock and calendar mode. In normal mode, use the "-/Alarm" button to turn an alarm on or off.