Water contains minerals and dissolved particles that can build up over time in home appliances. To increase the longevity and improve the taste of your brewed drinks, regular cleaning to remove build up and deposits are recommended by coffee maker manufacturers. Coffee cleaners are commercially available; vinegar is also recommended for decalcifying or de-scaling your single-cup or potted coffee brewer.

Step 1

Replace the water in your reservoir with white vinegar and if your coffee maker uses filers, insert a paper filter in your coffee basket.

Step 2

Run your coffee maker according to your manufacturer's instructions until all the vinegar has been used. Discard the used vinegar and paper filter (if used).

Step 3

Fill your reservoir with water, insert and run a new brewing cycle until all the water has been used. Discard the used hot water. Repeat the water rinse process at least twice before discarding the paper filter.

Step 4

Wash your coffee maker's water reservoir and clean the coffee basket per the manufacturer's instructions so it's ready to use.