Honda Em600 Specifications

Honda Motor Company was founded in Japan in 1948. The company originally began producing small internal combustion engines intended for use in motorcycles. Today, Honda makes a variety of engine-driven products. The EM 600 is a portable household generator made by Honda.

Engine Specifications

The Honda EM 600 generator has a four-stroke, side valve, one-cylinder engine. This engine has a compression ratio of 5.5 to 1, and is cooled by air. The bore cylinder has a diameter of 46 mm, and the piston stroke length is 36 mm. The EM 600's engine operates at 3,600 revolutions per minute.

Power Specifications

The Honda EM 600 is rated to produce 120 volts and has a rated frequency level of 60 Hz. The rated amount of amperes that can be put out by the EM 600 is 3.8. The EM 600's rated standard output is 450 watts, but is capable of producing a maximum output of 600 watts. Its maximum charging output is 8.3 amps.


The Honda EM 600 is 14.4 inches long and 9.84 inches wide, stands 12.8 inches tall and has a dry weight of 41.9 pounds. It can hold 0.5 gallons of gas and 0.37 quarts of oil.

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