Pelonis Oil Filled Heater Instructions

A Pelonis electronic oil-filled heater is a portable, fin radiator-style heater that has a simple programming console to control power and temperature settings. It also has timer to turn on and turn off the heating cycle. It uses encased, non-refillable mineral oil to warm an area. Like most portable heaters, a Pelonis oil-filled heater doesn't require any special installation beyond taking precautions to not place the heater near items that can catch fire from a spark or the heat that the heater generates.

Step 1

Turn your new Pelonis heater over. Attach each caster wheels base assembly to one end of the heater onto the U-shaped screws and then screw the butterfly nuts onto the screws until tight. When finished, return the heater to its original position.

Step 2

Place the heater near a wall outlet – approximately 3 feet from all walls and any combustible materials, such as furniture, curtains or paper. Move the heater to the spot you've selected.

Step 3

Unwrap the cord from the cord wrap and plug in your heater.

Step 4

Select a power level -- high, medium or low -- by pressing the "Power" button repeatedly until you reach the selection that you want. Select a temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit by pressing the "Temperature" button repeatedly. Select a time for the heater to turn on using the same method – for example, press the "Timer" button repeatedly to cycle through two-, four- or eight-hour options.

Step 5

Wait for the heater to begin heating the room.

Step 6

Clean the heater regularly to remove dust or other materials that might burn by vacuuming it with a brush attachment when it's not running or hot. Before and after each heating season, turn off and unplug your heater, wait for it to cool and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Irene A. Blake

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